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Long Distance Healing LDH 


I intensively re-trained at the start of lockdown to develop more skills to be able to offer my clients an option for treatment and keep my business afloat. Having thought these were desperate times calling for desperate measures, I quickly realised the situation had offered me an incredible opportunity.


I enrolled in a program of training called ‘Long Distance Healing’, with Suzanne Scurlock and Lori Chintz, Healing from the Core. Having completed the course I am now part of a 2 year mentorship to further deepen my knowledge and refine my skills.


The program overlapped with abilities I already have as an Acupuncturist, CranioSacral Therapist and Reiki level 3 practitioner and it was a natural fit and development for me personally and professionally.

Immediately it offered an effective, supportive way of offering healing and treatment from a distance. It is performed remotely whilst the client and I are either communicating audibly on a telephone or via an audio and video setup.


The first 15 minutes are spent taking a case history or updating me since the last session and being guided through a short breathing relaxation exercise. This is followed by a 50 minute healing session which involves communication with each other throughout.


All that is needed is a quiet, comfortable space to sit or lie down without interruption and given that many people are still working from home this could be very do-able.


Long Distance Healing is an opportunity for us to connect and explore what your body, mind or spirit may be most in need of for healing in the present moment. It may be a physical issue that you have been experiencing or perhaps something you are struggling with emotionally or in any other area in your life that is need of support. It may be something that is happening on a deep cellular level that can arise in your awareness when we simply pay attention to it together.


This is a mind, body, spirit approach to strengthen your internal environment and within your self help create a more healing, integrated flow, which enables you to change and heal at your own pace.


Clients report back with improvement and changes to their physical complaints, with more energy and a greater perspective over problems. In turn allowing them to make choices they didn’t know they had and to move forward into the possibility of a healthier life.

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